Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine

Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine
We are a multi-disciplinary association of physicians, physicists, chemists, radio-pharmacists, technologists, nurses and others interested in the practice of Nuclear Medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

The Society

The Society is a non-profit organisation with a charter to promote: the advancement of clinical practice of nuclear medicine in Australia and New Zealand; research in nuclear medicine; public education regarding the principles and applications of nuclear medicine techniques in medicine and biology at national and regional levels; co-operation between organisations and individuals interested in nuclear medicine; and the training of persons in all facets of nuclear medicine and to provide opportunities for collective discussion on all or any aspects of nuclear medicine.

These objects are enshrined in the Constitution of the Society.

Why not Join us?

If you think the Society sounds like a worthwhile organisation, why not join us? Through membership in the ANZSNM you will have input into the only organisation in Australia or New Zealand that represents the combined interests of all Nuclear Medicine practitioners: technologists, scientists, nurses and physicians. The structure of state branches and special interest groups make it possible for any member to have their views heard.

Ordinary Membership is open to those who hold a tertiary qualification and are actively involved in the production or application of radionuclides in medicine or the biological sciences.

Associate Membership is available to persons who are ineligible for Ordinary Membership but involved in Nuclear Medicine studies or research. A member can remain an Associate Member for no longer than 15 months after becoming eligible for Ordinary Membership.

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