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Careers in Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a sub speciality of the field of Medical Imaging.  It encompasses both diagnostic and therapeutic applications of science in a patient care environment. The careers available within Nuclear Medicine are diverse too.  Each profession within Nuclear Medicine is responsible for a unique part of the wider part of the patient care journey.

Careers in Australia & New Zealand  include:

Nuclear Medicine Technology / Science

Nuclear Medicine Technologists also known as Nuclear Medicine Scientists are responsible for the initial interaction with the patient. They may prepare radiopharmaceuticals and then administer these radiopharmaceuticals to their patient to elicit an image on a gamma or PET camera.  In some instances, the radiopharmaceuticals may be administered to a patient for therapy. The Nuclear Medicine Technologist will utilise their skills in image manipulation / physics / anatomy and physiology to highlight areas of interest that will aid in diagnosis. Nuclear Medicine Technologists often spend a lot of time with their patients and require strong skills in communication and empathy. Nuclear Medicine Technologists may also work in a laboratory type environment analysing biological specimens. In Australia, Nuclear Medicine Technology is a regulated profession with AHPRA ( in New Zealand it is the MRTB ). Technologists work very closely with all the patient care team in Nuclear Medicine. 

Nuclear Medicine 

Nuclear Medicine Physicians / Radiologists are doctors that have undergone specialist training in Nuclear Medicine.  Nuclear Medicine Physicians utilise their expert skills in anatomy / physiology / pathophysiology to determine an appropriate diagnosis for the patient that is imaged on the Nuclear Medicine camera systems.  Nuclear Medicine Physicians will also utilise specialised knowledge to administer therapy doses of radiopharmaceuticals to patients with certain pathologies.  Nuclear Medicine Physicians are regulated under AHPRA with the Medical Board of Australia and have their own professional body.

Nuclear Medicine Physics

Nuclear Medicine Physicists are specialised physicists (graduates in Physics)  that have a deep understanding of ionising radiation and its interaction with matter.  Nuclear Medicine Physicists also utilise their skills in the determination of radiation dosimetry implications for the patient, staff and the environment.  Nuclear Medicine Physicists apply their knowledge to Nuclear Medicine instrumentation to determine and enhance optimal imaging performance characteristics.  Nuclear Medicine Physicists have important roles in furthering the knowledge of the field through quality academic research. Nuclear Medicine Physicists typically work in large tertiary hospitals, academic institutions and for some private companies.  


Radiopharmacists / Nuclear Pharmacists are experts in the preparation, dispensing and administration of radiopharmaceuticals. Radiopharmacists typically work in large tertiary hospitals, research facilities, academia or for private industry companies. Radiopharmacists utilise their knowledge to ensure safety and quality of radiopharmaceutical preparations, educate staff on radiopharmaceutical matters, ensure quality assurance parameters are maintained on critical equipment and ensure that the patient receives accurate information regarding the preparations that they receive.

Nuclear Medicine careers are stimulating, challenging and rewarding. Those that pursue a career in Nuclear Medicine will be well served by the ANZSNM. The ANZSNM is a unique professional organisation that has looked after the broad range of professions under the Nuclear Medicine banner for greater than 50 years. The ANZSNM acts of matters of advocacy, national interest and professional development on behalf of its community and offers a stimulating national conference annually amongst other activities and benefits.

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