The Australasian Radiopharmaceutical Trials network is a collaborative network incorporating medical specialists, technologists, scientists and researchers from the field of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging with a shared interest in multicentre clinical trials that utilise radiopharmaceuticals for imaging or therapy.

The network is a joint venture between the ANZSNM and the Australasian Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists and further details of the network and its activities can be found at the website.

Mission Statement

To promote and facilitate innovative collaborative clinical research utilising radiopharmaceuticals for imaging or therapy.


  •  To develop a network of radiopharmaceutical imaging and therapy sites in Australasia with validated capabilities;

  • to harmonise imaging protocols for research;

  • to facilitate linkages with other clinical trials networks, the pharma industry and funding agencies for multicentre clinical trials;

  • to support multicentre clinical trials with radiopharmaceuticals for imaging or therapy, including facilitating data collection, analysis and data management;

  • to promote collaboration in clinical trials and outcome-based research with radiopharmaceuticals.


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February 2018               October 2019