The Nursing Special Interest Group evolved from biannual informal meetings with nurses from Nuclear Medicine departments in Sydney and Canberra. The purpose of these meetings was to provide a forum for nurses practicing in the field of Nuclear Medicine to meet and exchange information and experience about their work.

The idea to form a Special Interest Group began at a meeting held at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, in 1992. In May of 1993, at the annual ANZSNM meeting, the Inaugural Nurses Workshop/Meeting was held. The group was formed and nurses present adopted a constitution , elected a Chair, elected a Secretary/Treasurer and discussed the objectives of the society. The Secretary of the SIG wrote to the President and Committee of the ANZSNM to inform them of the inaugural formation of the Nurses Special Interest Group.

The SIG meets annually at the society conference and is used as a forum to discuss professional issues, policies, protocols and research topics. It is also a great opportunity to network with other Nuclear Medicine nurses as it is a specialised field with a small nursing community.


Available Presentations

1. "Improving ECG Quality on Treadmill Stress Testing", Presenter: Erwin Lupango

2. "Regadenoson: General Nursing Consideration", Presenter: Erwin Lupango

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