The Radiopharmacy Sciences Special Interest Group (SIG) was approved by Council of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine to represent Radiochemists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientist members. 

Nomenclature Guidelines

The RPS SIG has recently reviewed positively the suggestions provided by an international expert panel, on the best practice for indicating the names of radiopharmaceuticals in scientific and official publications. The guidelines and explanation of the process can be found here.

The current document is a living one, and experts have been invited to provide a feedback. However, it already represents a good term of reference for ANZSNM members to use.

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Reporting of Abnormal Behaviour of Radiopharmaceuticals
The Society maintains a register of reports of abnormal behaviour of radiopharmaceuticals.  Abnormal behaviour can be reported to the RPS SIG of the ANZSNSM at


Executive Committee


A/Prof Giancarlo Pascali
University of New South Wales


A/Prof Rajiv Bhalla
University of Queensland

Immediate Past Chair:

A/Prof Rajiv Bhalla
University of Queensland