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ANZSNM has a long standing commitment to ensure our members maintain their professional knowledge.

Since its inception, the role of ANZSNM has been to foster the profession of Nuclear Medicine and a key part of that is to ensure its members maintain their professional development. The Society provides a broad range of education resources for all of its member specialisations through meetings of its Branches, the Special Interest Groups and at its Annual Scientific Meeting.

With the realisation that not all members can attend meetings, the Society has made it possible for more Continuing Professional Development to be conducted on-line with the availability of a wide range of national and international education material available via the CPD link.

Additional CPD tools include the AttendO app for individual management of CPD and access to the eScan Academy for assistance with interpretation of nuclear medicine scans.

Continuing Professional Development for Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Since 2015 in Australia and more recently in New Zealand the requirements for Continuing Professional Development have been assumed by government health authorities. In Australia this is the MRPBA and in New Zealand the MRTB.

Despite the Society no longer being responsible for the administration of CPD, it has a strong commitment to CPD for the following reasons :

  • Development and maintenance of professional competency
  • A commitment to professional development
  • Demonstration to peers, employers, professional colleagues and the public that Nuclear Medicine practitioners are responsible, competent and skilled
  • Personal satisfaction from improving skills and knowledge.

The emphasis for the Society has now changed to providing suitable materials and courses for its members whilst recognising that CPD is a personal responsibility. Over the coming months, we are looking to develop a number of initiatives where we will provide access to CPD in addition to the "traditional" CPD courses. 

2018 - 2021 Triennium

Continuing professional development plays a role in protecting the public by ensuring that registered practitioners are up to date with the skills, knowledge and attributes for safe, contemporary practice in the profession.

Medical radiation practitioners must complete 60 hours of CPD over a 3 year period – with at least 10 hours in any one year. The current CPD triennium is 1 December 2018 to 30 November 2021. At least 35 hours of CPD must be substantive activities. Substantive actives are those learning activities that have a significant intellectual or practical content that is relevant to a practitioner’s area of practice or their emerging area of practice.

  • are best placed to determine the most appropriate activities for their professional development
  • should plan their CPD activities based on a self assessment of their needs and interests
  • must balance their learning - review core skills and knowledge to ensure they are consistent with safe, contemporary practice in the profession

The continuing professional development registration standard and guidelines focus on the importance of reflection as a continuing and routine element of good practice.
Reflection is the process you go through when a practitioner thinks more deeply about their learning experiences. For medical radiation practitioners, undertaking reflection enables them to gain insights about their practice and this insight provides greater assurance in the delivery of safe health services. Insight creates greater self-awareness which in turn helps practitioners to understand and manage the way in which they practice.
  • links learning with practice
  • provides greater understanding about how you practice
  • provides greater personal insight into how you practice
  • enables greater self-awareness in the delivery of safe health services
For more information about what a substantive CPD activity is, evidence and reflection, read through the Board’s CPD Guidelines.
MRPBA Website)


ANZSNMT CPD Guidelines

CPD Program


Below is the CPD record offered to members for collating and keeping a running record of your CPD.