Shimadzu Award

The Shimadzu Award will be held in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine (ANZSNM). Its aim is to encourage innovative and progressive work in the field of Radiopharmaceutical Science (RPS). The Award will be provided for an oral presentation by a financial member of the ANZSNM.


Who is Eligible for the Award

A financial member of the ANZSNM who is employed in the field of Radiopharmaceutical Science and who has been a financial member of the society for at least six months.


Entries for the Award

The Award will be made for significant innovation in research or clinical practice in the field of Radiopharmaceutical Science. Applicants are required to submit an oral presentation at the ANZSNM ASM. The entrant must nominate the paper as eligible for the Shimadzu Award at time of submission.

Entries will be considered on their value in improving knowledge in any aspect of Radiopharmaceutical Science. Consideration will be paid to the individual effort and to the relevance to nuclear medicine. A candidate for the Award must submit an abstract for the ASM as with any other paper. Submission of abstracts must be in accordance with the requirements of the ASM. All papers submitted for the Award will be considered on their merits as to eligibility and final acceptance.

Candidates must provide a statement countersigned by their supervisor or department head indicating the extent of assistance received during the course of the work. This statement must be submitted to the conference organisers at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the ASM.

The audience will be informed that the paper is an entry for the Award.

The recipient of the Award must undertake to submit a short report of the presentation for publication in the RPS SIG section of the Society website within two months of winning the Award.



The judging panel shall consist of three society members, with two RPS SIG representatives and one physician. A judge must not belong to the same department as a candidate.


The assessment for the Award will be on the basis of the following:

  • Significance and merit of the data or procedure = 40%
  • Scientific method of investigation or development = 30%
  • Originality = 20%
  • Presentation skills = 10%


The judges will have discretion as to whether an Award will be made.


Nature of the Award

The Shimadzu Award will consist of a $2,000 prize to be used towards expenses to attend an international nuclear medicine meeting and must provide Shimadzu with a proposed travel itinerary within six months of winning the Award. The Award will be presented by a Shimadzu representative during the Conference Awards Dinner at the ASM.