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Worldwide statistics map here

WHO dedicated page.

Worldometer page

Australian Pages:  COVID live | COVID-19 Data 

Australian/New Zealand Statistics

Australian Government   |   New South Wales   |   New Zealand   |   Queensland   |  South AustraliaTasmania   |   Victoria   |   Western Australia


IAEA Webinar - COVID-19: Transitioning to a 'New-Normal' (published 11 May 2020)

Publication: COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance for Nuclear Medicine Departments (published 24 April 2020)

IAEA Webinar (Recorded Version) - Guidance for Nuclear Medicine Departments (published 24 April 2020)

CDC (US) – updates daily

Google COVID-19 sites

IAEA Webinar (Recorded Version) - Challenges for Nuclear Medicine Departments featuring Prof. A. Scott (Australia) (published 29 March 2020)

EANM - COVID-19 Infromation Centre

International Federation of Clinical Chemistry guide on COVID-19 testing 

John Hopkins University

Singapore COVID Site

WHO International

Wuhan NM Medics give COVID advice


State/Government advisories for Healthworkers

Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (AHPRA) Newsletter - COVID19 Update, 28 April

Australian Government advice for Health Professionals including Pathologists

Guidance on laboratory testing (DOH)

NZ Government site

NSW Govt info for health professionals

QLD Govt info for clinicians and health workers

RCPA (College of Pathologists)  Resources on COVID 

SA govt info for health professionals

WA govt info Fact Sheets

SA govt info for health professionals

RCPA (College of Pathologists)  Resources on COVID 


Newspapers and other general articles

5 Crucial Ways for Australia to stay safely on top of COVID-19 (13 May)

How does the COVID safe app work? (26 April)

How accurate are coronavirus tests? (16/4)

The Jobkeeper payment

Employer Factsheet - Jobkeeper

Employee Factsheet - Jobkeeper

Why Is the U.S. Behind on Coronavirus Testing? HBR 30/3

Lessons from Italy’s Response to Coronavirus :HBR 27/3  

Imaging confirms coronvirus transmits from mother to foetus (27/3/2020)

Lung Ultrasound Identifies Patients with COVID-19 (27/3/2020)

Can ultrasound be used effectively for COVID-19

WHO Global dashboard

Why the Coronavirus Has Been So Successful (20/3)

ABC News Corona Website

The Case for Shutting Down - 21/3

TGA "Approved" Diagnostic Tests

WHO launches global megatrials

What Happens to people's lungs (22/3)

How to stop Touching your face 



The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do (26/3)

COVID-19 testing in Australia (26/3)

How to Respond to a Pandemic

The Next Outbreak : B Gates (2015)

How did the 1918 Flu pandemic start 2018 (ABC)

Laurie Garrett: What can we learn from the 1918 flu? (2009)

Laurie Garrett: What can we learn from the 1918 flu? (2009)


Patient Resources

Are you wearing gloves or a mask to the shops? 

How Accurate Are COVID-19 Tests?


Testing process

COVID-19 Quiz (Vic Health)

NSW COVID-19 Resources

Symptoms of COVID-19 (NZ)

Pandemic - Challenges for the Nuclear Medicine Departments


Lifestyle & Personal

Small Acts of Self-Care Can Manage COVID-19 Stress (27/3/2020)

How to Stay connected (19 -3)

A list of free online, resources

Renting and COVID-19


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