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Tc-99m Generator Advisory - Thursday Oct 3, 2019 17:00hrs

Thursday 03, Oct 2019

Tc-99m Generator Advisory

Thursday Oct 3, 2019 17:00hrs


ANSTO advised the Working Group today that:

  • Generator production will be near normal for next week – some generators might have slightly lower radioactivity than usually delivered;
  • That they have now secured supply of Mo99 for week commencing Oct 21, which was the first week of an anticipated lack of supply;
  • The following weeks’ supplies (Oct 28, Nov 4) are still not confirmed but they remain optimistic that they will be able to source the required Mo99 for these weeks.

The Mo99 for the week of Oct 21 will be sourced from suppliers other than NTP (South Africa) and, as such, will not be ARTG registered. However, it will be supplied under a Section 19A exemption. The generator labelling will reflect this.

On the repair issue, all but one of the radioactive sources which must be removed before repairs can commence remains in the cell. However, this is just the start of a long process of recovery. ANSTO are currently awaiting ARPANSA’s approval for their plan to remove this. After that, the cause of the failure needs to be identified and subsequent repair can then commence. At this stage a return to local production in mid-November is still on track, however, this can still be delayed at any stage.

We will continue to provide updates in the following weeks as we receive the information.

NB: This document contains the advice given to ANSTO by the Working Group of AANMS/ANZSNM/RAINS. ANSTO is not required to follow any of the group’s suggestions.