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Tc-99m Generator Advisory - Sunday Oct 6, 2019 12:00hrs

Monday 07, Oct 2019

Tc-99m Generator Advisory

Sunday Oct 6, 2019 12:00hrs


ANSTO have just updated the Working Group that the expected delivery of Mo99 from NTP (South Africa) was delayed in Johannesburg and missed the planned flight. It is now expected to arrive 24 hrs later, having a knock-on effect for generator production. This week’s supply of generators will be delivered on Wednesday and Thursday – one day delayed.

For this reason, Tc99m supplies will be extremely limited on Monday and Tuesday. GMS have advised that they will have very little Tc99m available on Tuesday. Under these circumstances dose rationing will need to be invoked on Tuesday in metropolitan areas.

We will continue to provide updates in the following weeks as we receive the information.

NB: This document contains the advice given to ANSTO by the Working Group of AANMS/ANZSNM/RAINS. ANSTO is not required to follow any of the group’s suggestions.