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Tc-99m Generator Advisory - Friday Oct 18, 2019 15:00hrs

Friday 18, Oct 2019

Tc-99m Generator Advisory - Friday Oct 18, 2019 15:00hrs

The Working Group have just had an update from ANSTO on current status of generator supply and repairs to the ANM processing cell.

Week commencing Monday Oct 21: ANSTO will be providing generators to all customers either today or on Monday Oct 21. ANSTO was only able to source a reduced amount of Mo99 compared to normal, so the generators will likely contain less than the usual amount of Mo99. The indication is that the supply is roughly around 70% of the normal amount. The upside is that everyone who normally receives a generator from ANSTO will get one. The Working Group have not been involved in the allocations of these generators and the amounts of Mo99 they contain.

Week commencing Monday Oct 28: ANSTO has placed overseas orders for Mo99 for generators to be used in week commencing Mon Oct 28. While initially this was thought to be even less than in the coming week, that has changed overnight with greater availability from Curium and we are again likely to receive approx. 70% of the usual domestic supply. We will update on this through the course of next week.

Repair of ANM Facility: All of the radioactive material has now been removed and the dismantling of the shielding around the cell to gain access to the faulty component is well underway. Access to this component is expected on Saturday afternoon. At that time as assessment will be made about how to proceed with the repair after visual inspection. This timeline is as previously advised and there have been no significant delays at this stage.

We will continue to provide updates in the following weeks as we receive the information.

NB: This document contains the advice given to ANSTO by the Working Group of AANMS/ANZSNM/RAINS. ANSTO is not required to follow any of the group’s suggestions.