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Tc-99m Generator Advisory - Thursday Nov 7, 2019 17:00hrs

Thursday 07, Nov 2019

Tc-99m Generator Advisory

Thursday Nov 7, 2019 17:00hrs




The Working Group have just had an update from ANSTO on the current status of generator supply and repairs to the ANM processing cell.


Firstly, all ANSTO generator customers will receive their expected generator with the normal amount of radioactivity next week. Some may be delayed by a day but most should be close to on time.


The good news is that the repairs to the ANM facility have been finalised and Mo99 production has begun again – in fact, some OPAL Mo99 will be in next week’s generators. Over the next 2-3 weeks overseas supply will start to be scaled back as ANM comes back up to full domestic production.


The ANM facility still does not have the 2nd dissolution cell operational, and therefore we still do not have any redundancy should a similar problem happen again, but this should be commissioned by mid-Feb 2020.


Just to note that OPAL will be down for scheduled maintenance from this weekend for 5 days on its normal cycle, and imported Mo99 will be used, as usual, for the generator production for the following week (week commencing Nov 18).


Hopefully this will be the final update from the Working Group for the foreseeable future. As always, if there are any issues that have arisen during this protracted outage please let your local AANMS/ANZSNM/RAIS representative know.


NB: This document contains the advice given to ANSTO by the Working Group of AANMS/ANZSNM/RAINS. ANSTO is not required to follow any of the group’s suggestions.