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New details about DRAXIMAGE® MAA – 27 November 2019

Thursday 28, Nov 2019

New details about DRAXIMAGE® MAA – 27 November 2019

  • From 1 December 2019, the price of DRAXIMAGE® MAA will be $1,045.00 per pack of 10 vials for all Australian customers.
  • This comes after consultation with the Australian nuclear medicine community and a complete review of the MAA supply chain.
  • ANSTO will also continue to advocate towards market normalization of MAA through supporting the Marketing Authorisation processes for this product.

As of 1 August 2019, ANSTO became the sole provider of DRAXIMAGE® MAA (MAA) via a Section 19A ap-proval under the Therapeutic Goods Act. ANSTO distributes MAA to Australian customers.

Feedback from customers and the wider nuclear medicine community was that the cost of $1,711.14 which was set to reflect ANSTO’s supply chain, needed to be refined.

In response, over the past months, ANSTO has met stakeholders from across the nuclear medicine commu-nity to understand the opportunities to improve how this product is accessed in the Australian market.

Following this consultation and a full review of the supply chain, ANSTO has successfully achieved a compet-itive review of our access to MAA. All changes will be passed onto Australian customers from 1 December.

ANSTO will continue to work with all stakeholders to achieve market normalization for the supply of MAA in Australia through the introduction of a registered product.

For more information please contact ANSTO Customer Service on 1800 251 572.