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Technegas use and COVID-19

Tuesday 17, Mar 2020

In response to the QEH seeking confirmation, we have received the following information from the Cyclomedica team:

As you would be aware there have been a number of queries from customers in different parts of the globe, prompted by concerns about the COVID-19 corona virus. 

 With regards to your query please see the points below to help provide some clarity:   

    • In over 30 years of use, in approximately 4 million clinical diagnostic procedures around the world, there have been no reported viral or other disease cross-contamination events associated with the Technegas™ System.
    • Technegas™ as a diagnostic agent has been omnipresent in nuclear medicine/respiratory settings throughout other global viral outbreaks such as SARS in the early 2000s, without any known or reported issues.   
    • The patient administration set (PAS), used to deliver the Technegas™ to a patient’s lungs,  is a single use CE marked medical device which must be discarded after one Technegas™ procedure.
    • The PAS has a one-way valve and special filter to trap exhaled air from the patient’s lungs. 
    • Hospitals / clinics should continue to follow their own local infection control procedures when conducting ventilation-perfusion (and other) procedures involving patients with suspected viral or contagious conditions. 

 The PAS filter contains a bidirectional hydrophobic membrane designed to prevent cross contamination and that we can attest to the fact that in the years that this filter has been used in association with the Techengas™ Generators, there have been no reported instances of cross-contamination."