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UPDATE: ANZSNM 50th Annual Scientific Meeting - FAQs, 20 March 2020

Friday 20, Mar 2020

Please see below some further explanations (in the form of FAQs) on the ASM cancellation messages sent earlier in the week.  Previous updates may also be found at the following link on our website:

We will continue to provide further updates in the upcoming days.

Ros Francis



(Published Friday 20 March 2020)


1. What’s happening with the 50th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)?

On 15 March 2020, the NSW government made an order banning public events (such as the ASM) from 16 March 2020 to 14 June 2020. On 18 March 2020 the Australian Government announced bans on non-essential indoor gatherings of 100 people or more. This means the ASM cannot proceed as planned in Sydney on 24-26 April 2020. In addition, many invited speakers and registrants cannot attend due to travel restrictions.  The ANZSNM is currently sorting out all the issues and planning how to proceed with the event as on-demand event.

2. How will I get the CPD I need this year? 

The ANZSNM is working on a plan to convert the content from this year’s ASM into on-demand sessions, and most of the international speakers have already agreed to contribute their talks.  This should allow you to earn CPD points throughout the year. We recognise online CPD opportunities may be particularly important this year, as COVID-19 will also likely impact on local branch meetings.

3. What is happening with the Awards and posters?

Where possible the posters and presentations for prizes will be incorporated into the on-demand conference and after judging the prizes will be awarded as usual.   However, it is dependant on a number of technical factors.

4. What about the ANSTO/ANZSNM Travel Grant? 

We had been supported by ANSTO with Travel grants for 2020. We received nearly 40 applicants. Unfortunately, as the ASM is not going ahead as planned we will not be proceeding with these grants. No decision has been made yet on how to repurpose these funds.

5. If the conference is not going ahead as planned, can I get a refund of my registration?

We are currently working through the options for those who have paid their registration, and will be providing further updates on this shortly as previously advised. 

6. What about the travel and accommodation I have already booked?

Many airlines and accommodation providers are currently offering free date changes and/or credits. At this stage we are not anticipating that a conference will be held in Sydney in 2020. The next meeting of the Society is likely to be the next scheduled conference with the venue to be decided. We are working hard to finalise a future venue for the ASM so you may be able to make use of these policies. You should also investigate your travel insurance, as we recommended during registration, including that of your credit card provider, as these may cover you for travel to special events that are no longer going ahead.

7. What should I do now?

We ask for you to be please be patient. The ANZSNM and its Executive, like the rest of the population, are working hard dealing with rapidly changing advice and implications on the Society and its members. The ANZSNM is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation and we are doing our best to provide up to date information. The Executive and Federal Council are meeting regularly to both minimise financial impact on its members and ensure the financial viability of the Society with this significant event.

Please be assured the society runs on the membership and support of the Nuclear Medicine healthcare network and is aiming for the best outcome for all, it may take some time to finalise all the details.  Please check this website regularly as we will update it as soon as details become available.