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UPDATE: ASM 2020 Delegate Registration Fees

Tuesday 24, Mar 2020
Dear Registrant,
The ANZSNM Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 in its usual format as a face to face meeting has been cancelled due to the current unprecedented world events*.  Thank you for your early registration indicating your support for the meeting.
We recognise the role of CPD for our members and want to continue to run the original programme as close as possible to that planned with the theme “Local Innovation, Global Inspiration”. We will offer a series of ‘On Demand’ pre-recorded sessions followed by a moderated discussion**. We have planned approx. 18 hours of ‘face-to-face’ content (assuming speakers fulfil promised commitments) in eight sessions. The technicalities of providing this are being worked on now. The expected cost of this to  any new registrants to  gain access will be $350+GST as a package.
The following options are being offered to you and for you to determine by April 30th:
1. Provide a refund less $250 (+GST) for discounted access to the On Demand sessions
2. Provide a credit to the next ASM less $250 + GST for discounted access to the On Demand sessions
3. Keeping  your entire registration fee in credit towards the next ASM
4. A full refund
5. You will not require a refund
It is envisaged that the Conference Managers Plevin and Associates Pty Ltd will be in contact directly with instructions on how to process your choice above.   Please also note, all student registrations will be automatically refunded in full and you will be granted complimentary access to the planned On Demand sessions.  We are also seeking to have all the awards presentations, posters and SIGs available online as a separate initiative.
On behalf of the Society, I would like to thank you for your patience and ongoing support and would encourage you to continue to engage with your colleagues and the Society in these testing times.  If you are not a member please consider joining in our 50th year of continuous operation.
Prof. Dale Bailey
Chair, Scientific Advisory Panel
March 22/2020
* The FAQs for this can be found here.
** Of course, all of this is subject to change given the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 crisis and the varying responses in different countries.