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Autumn Edition of the Gamma Gazette is now Live

Friday 17, Apr 2020

Autumn 2020 Gamma Gazette

As the Secretariat of the Society, we operate in the background.  For the likely and only time, we seek your indulgence.  Attached is the link to the 29th Gamma Gazette Celebrating Women in Nuclear Medicine.  This particular edition is complimentary and available online to everyone, not just our ANZSNM members for many reasons.  We had also intended for print copies of this edition to be available at our upcoming 50th Conference.  Circumstances have not allowed this to occur. We should also state that much of the content was received before the COVID-19 shutdown and remains the same and the edition has been delayed due to the pandemic.

At the outset, there were searching questions to the need and prominence of the theme.  It is clear that the Society, if not the profession, had broken through the glass ceiling many years ago so a ‘celebration’ cover was perhaps unwarranted or conversely perhaps even premature.  Of course, like many things, diversity is a journey not a destination and beyond gender.  The eventual consensus was that the print version and lead article was also to serve as an apt final 'sendoff' to a relaunched and renamed Gamma Gazette replacement in conjunction with the Conference.

We decided eventually the cover item provided an apt metaphor for a number of wider themes in the profession and the community we live in, being:

the service of those that went before us to make changes that we enjoy; 

that people make the profession still, not just technology;

higher standards and constant innovation and adapting to change is up to all of us and,

the importance of mentors and giving back to the profession.

The outgoing President Ros Francis finishes her term at the next AGM and has diligently served the Society and through her many other achievements, the profession. Therefore, this edition aside from those mentioned within the lead article serves as a tribute to all office bearers and branch committees that have served and sacrificed their time towards the success of the Society over the past 50 years.

We hope you enjoy reading the Special Feature "Society Women at Work 1969-2019" which was compiled and meticulously reviewed by Dr Agatha van der Schaaf, the first female president of the Society.  Any errors and omissions are regretted and is solely due to us at the Secretariat.  Being an electronic edition we are able to rectify as appropriate so let us know. Should you have any problems in accessing this edition, please contact Secretariat.


Raj Chandra,  General Manager