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Diagnostic radiographers to be added to Pandemic response sub register

Sunday 19, Apr 2020


In the very near future the Ahpra and National Board's Pandemic response sub register will be updated to include diagnostic radiographers.

Eligible diagnostic radiographers will be added to the pandemic sub-register automatically for a 12-month registration period.

The sub-register operates on an opt-out basis with eligible practitioners added to the pandemic sub-register automatically. There is no obligation for anyone added to the sub-register to practise or remain on it. They can opt out at any time for any reason. Only those who are properly qualified, competent and suitable should be on the register.

In order to fast track the return of experienced and qualified health practitioners to the workforce, most registration and return to practice requirements have been waived.

Practitioners have been asked to opt-out if they:​

  • have a health issue which prevents them from practising safely, ​
  • cannot get professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place, or ​
  • are unavailable or not suitable or safe to practise.​

Employers must conduct appropriate pre-employment checks before employing practitioners from the sub-register.​ Prior to employing a practitioner on the sub-register, employers need to consider:​

  • conducting criminal history checks. Practitioners have not had to make criminal history declarations or had criminal history checks to join the sub-register. Employers should therefore consider checks prior to employment​
  • whether adequate professional indemnity insurance arrangements are in place. Practitioners cannot work without appropriate insurance arrangements that meet the Board’s standard, and​
  • the health of the practitioner. Practitioners have not had to make any declarations about their health to be on the sub-register. ​

The Pandemic response sub register

You can access information about practitioners using the public Register of practitioners,

Practitioners on the Pandemic response sub register have a green flag and a notation on their registration.

For more information on the Pandemic sub register please visit the Ahpra webpage here

Professional obligations

Practitioners who choose to stay on the pandemic sub-register and go back to work, must comply with their profession’s Code of conduct, professional indemnity insurance requirements and work within the scope of their practice. After 12 months, they will be removed from the sub-register. If they would like to continue practising after that time, they will need to apply for registration through the standard process.

Radiation licensing

There are radiation licensing requirements in each State and Territory in Australia. Before commencing practice, diagnostic radiographers should check and ensure that they meet any radiation licensing requirements in place in their State or Territory Information on radiation licensing.