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UPDATE on Radiopharmaceutical Supply - Wednesday Apr 29, 2020 11:00hrs

Wednesday 29, Apr 2020

Update on Radiopharmaceutical Supply
Wednesday Apr 29, 2020 11:00hrs

The Working Group held their weekly Vcon yesterday afternoon with representatives from ANSTO, TGA, GMS and Dept of Health.

Again, there is little change from last week in terms of generator supply and availability of other radiopharmaceuticals such as MIBG.  However, now that the federal government has provided funds to keep a skeletal domestic airline flight schedule in place there is more certainty about establishing delivery plans for the next few months.

The Federal Government’s Transport & Freight Taskforce (TFT) has provided the Working Group with a list of all planned domestic flights to assist in scheduling the delivery of radiopharmaceuticals and for FIFO staff. We again stress if your site is experiencing delays or cannot obtain radiopharmaceuticals or other supplies when required, please let your respective organisation’s General Manager, CEO or other Executive member, or any member of the Working Group know and we will feed this back to the TFT. At this stage the domestic flight schedules appear to be fixed until September.

For other radionuclides that we have been asked to investigate the situation is as follows:

  • [123I]MIBG: currently being sourced by ANSTO from Fuji in Japan and being transported on weekly ANA flight. Next shipment expected on Thurs May 14th to commence delivery to departments same day, flight schedules permitting. Thereafter, will be imported fortnightly on Thursday. Fuji are looking at altering the manufacturing date to suit Australian sites better;
  • [131I]MIBG: ANSTO is currently finalising a contract to source this domestically from a commercial radiopharmacy as a matter of urgency and expect this to be available soon;
  • [123I]NaI: ANSTO currently does not have the manpower at present (due to split workforce rostering) for the processing required to turn the radiochemical form of 123I into a form fit for human consumption. The Working Group is investigating alternate facilities for this processing;
  • 111In: no source for this is currently being explored.

The Working Group will continue to meet with ANSTO on a weekly basis and provide updates, or more frequently if the situation changes.

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