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Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia newsletter - COVID-19 update | 28 April

Wednesday 29, Apr 2020

Message from the Chair

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. On behalf of the Board I offer my thanks and recognise the contributions of all medical radiation practitioners of Australia. For those on the front line managing the COVID-19 pandemic, your efforts are hugely important and are greatly appreciated.

I also want to acknowledge those practitioners whose work hours have been reduced and the uncertainty this has created for them. I know that some of you have offered your services to public health services during the isolation period. I applaud your professionalism and collaborative spirit in supporting Australia’s health services to deal with the pandemic.

I commend the great work and collaboration of the various associations and organisations that represent medical radiation practitioners (ASMIRT, ANZSNM, ASA, ASUM and VAHPA) and thank them for their help in disseminating information about the COVID19 pandemic to registered practitioners.

On a more positive note, I am sure you are all aware of recent data and modelling that suggests social distancing measures are working. While they’re likely to be in place in one form or another for a while longer, they do seem to be effectively slowing the rate of transmission, which is great news.

Stay safe.

Mark Marcenko
Chair, Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia

Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia Newsletter - COVID-19 Update, 28 April

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