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Cyclomedica Clinical Research Opportunity in COVID-19

Wednesday 06, May 2020

Cyclomedica is seeking innovative clinical sites interested in researching the effectiveness of V/Q SPECT/CT scan using Technegas™ in COVID-19 and/or understanding the implication of the disease long-term.

In order to qualify for the research grants, the site must be a current Technegas™ user. For more information, register below.

Technegas™ is not classified as an Aerosol Generating Procedure and, in more than 30 years of use, there have been no reported viral or other disease cross-contamination events associated with the use of the Technegas™ system.

For more information regarding the use of Ventilation/Perfusion procedures during the current pandemic, please refer to our guidance page on the COVID-19 situation

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Please visit the Cyclomedica website link HERE for the full details.