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UPDATE: ANSTO Health product supply

Wednesday 18, Nov 2020

ANSTO have advised that there will be a delay in the restart of ANSTO's OPAL reactor due to an anomaly identified in scheduled maintenance. This will impact nuclear medicine product supply from 23 November 2020 onwards.

Some members may have already received an email communication from ANSTO.

The ANSTO website lists the affected products and has further details on the situation.

ANSTO have advised it will be at least four weeks before full domestic nuclear medicine supply is available.

ANSTO is currently working with the international nuclear medicine community to source supply of Molybdenum-99 and Iodine-131. However, from 30 November even if the supply is secured, they expect less than 50 per cent of usual supply.

The Nuclear Medicine Working Group has met to discuss the issue and the AANMS, ANZSNM and RAINS representatives have emphasised the importance of planning any supply reductions given the impacts on practitioners and patients.

ANSTO Customer Service will be in contact with customers to discuss a supply plan for 23 November onwards. The ANSTO customer service contact number is 1800 251 572.

Please check the ANSTO website for updates.