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UPDATE: ANSTO Facility Scheduled Maintenance

Wednesday 17, Feb 2021
UPDATE: ANSTO Facility Scheduled Maintenance


The Nuclear Medicine Group met on 16 February and discussed the scheduled maintenance at ANSTO facilities and the expected impacts.

This scheduled maintenance will occur at ANSTO’s nuclear medicine processing and distribution facility and OPAL from 29 March 2021.

The shutdown dates are:

•             Nuclear medicine processing and distribution facility: 29 March-5 May. The more extended schedule for preventative maintenance for building 23 results from the postponement in 2020 due to restrictions related to COVID-19. 

•             OPAL reactor: 19 June-18 July.

The dates and product availability are available on the ANSTO website:

We emphasised with ANSTO the importance of communicating what plans were in place to ensure supplies were still delivered and provided, particularly given recent disruptions and failures at ANSTO facilities.

We note that ANSTO has contacted customers about planning needs and orders, and that they will be contacting all customers over the coming weeks.

ANSTO will be working with members of the Nuclear Medicine Working Group on alternate supply arrangements for Iodine-131.

We’d encourage members to check the ANSTO website for updated communications on the maintenance.